Your Personal
Well-Being Forecast
World’s first weather app that gives you a heads-up on how you may feel
Embrace the Weather!
According to studies, 50 to 76 percent of people admit their health is affected by weather changes. With WeatherWell, you can stay on top of what’s happening outside and make the healthiest decisions in life.
Receive detailed weather reports and be ready for anything
Pick the best way to stay fit with actionable weather-based tips by doctors
Take care of your lifestyle in any season and climate
Live healthy in any weather!
Install WeatherWell and find out how the elements really impact your well-being
WeatherWell Highlights
Accurate 14-day forecast
World-class weather predictions around the globe
Live radar
Real-time updates for
maximum accuracy
Advanced weather data
Including pollen, air quality,
and UV index
Health Insights
Science-backed tips tailored to your weather
Personalized experience
Recommendations and pain alerts based on what’s relevant to you
Trustworthy sources
Every insight is based on peer-reviewed studies and curated by our Medical Board
Be Among the First to Join WeatherWell
And enjoy all the early-bird perks for free!
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